Literacy, early childhood education, teaching, compassion  


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 1. Giddy Up & Rope a Book

 2. Give Drugs the Boot

      (Positive Choices)

 3. Be a Buddy Not a Bully

 4. Character Traits Round-Up 

 5. Career Day 




Called a modern-day Mr. Rogers for Joel's caring,
heart-to-heart connection 
with children.  


Joel Reese Singing Cowboy School Library Character Literacy 

 "Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher!"




Dear Teachers and Caregivers,


I'm sure you will agree that the world is in need of Literacy, early childhood education, teaching, compassion loving-kindness and hope more now than ever before!


Together we can model and share these values in the form of Golden Rule-based programs motivated by our deep love for children and our passion for life and learning.

I'm honored to join you in this vital and timely mission!



Entertainer      Teacher      Artist      Author






songwriting school programsFrom Opryland to LEGOLAND,
Joel brings over thirty years of musical entertainment passion and experience, as well as Kindergarten-8th Grade edu-tainment programs to you and your students.

While living in Nashville, Tn, Joel served
as one of the songwriters used by The Country Music Hall of Fame for their “Words and Music” elementary school programs.


Joel shows students the mindsets and tools that helped him cope with being bullied and what took him from not believing he could play guitar in the 3rd Grade, to his performing for President Bush.



 Literacy, early childhood education, teaching, compassion




From a comical “Top Five Children’s Music Countdown” to the “Fish Taco Dance”, Joel’s interactive shows are packed with sing-able songs, skits, and humor. From the very beginning, Joel coaches and commends students with positive reinforcement, setting a model for expected behavior. Students take an imaginary trip to “Rise and Shine Ranch” where they valuable lessons from his horse puppet, Buster. Each aspect of the show supports and develops the chosen theme and educational values. Students may submit original song lyrics or poems and Joel will put several selections to music and perform them during the school assembly. He may also make brief classroom visits for creative writing sessions, and further student/teacher discussions.



Assembly Descriptions


Giddy Up and Rope A Book Utilizing the acronym, "R.E.A.D.," (Relate what we read, Enjoy reading daily, Adventures in reading, and Dreams do come true) Joel aims to make reading and writing an emotional, positive experience and a lifelong habit. Creative writing and authoring will be discussed as well.


Give Drugs the Boot - Positive Choices: Joel exposes the dangers of drugs and shows students how to be happy while saying no. Wellness and other healthy choices may be included. Utilizing the acronym, "S.T.O.M.P.," (Stay away from drug users, Tell someone, Object! Maintain zero tolerance, and Project confidence and self-esteem) 


Character Trait Round-Up Joel models and identifies character traits, school values, manners and positive attitudes as he inspires students to reach for their unique and valuable potential. Students will come away with an understanding of the value of character and how it contributes to their happiness and true success. 

Be a Buddy Not a Bully Utilizing the acronym, "S.T.A.M.P.," (Stay away from bullies, Tell someone, Avoid bad situations, and Project confidence) Joel focuses on positive behavior, a sense of humor and self-esteem.



Career Day "When one has a dream, he has a reason to go to school, to read and to make positive choices." Joel touches on careers and guides students in writing and signing a "dream and read contract." Joel inspires students to work hard with character in a "purpose of service" to causes greater than themselves.



Joel Reese Child Whisperer



Song Write and Recite Format may be used to enhance each assembly choice

Joel's songs have been published by both George Strait and Garth Brook's companies, and many schools take advantage of this creative writing opportunity to collaborate on lyrics and melody relating to the chosen theme.

This program is available in a workshop residency format! 

Or, teachers may also have classes collaborate a lyric with their teacher before Joel's visit. Joel will then add music to the student's lyrics and perform student songs to emphasize each lesson





Middle and High School



Character, Careers, and Creative Writing 

Joel combines several of the above listed programs into an interactive program for the mature audiences. Songwriting and committing goals and strategy to paper will be discussed and exercised. Students should come away with the inspiration to believe in themselves and to commit to achieving their dreams with character for the service of others. 


FEE: $400 for 1st assembly; $750 for 2 assemblies back to back/same day (within 50-mile radius of Temecula, CA) 

Additional travel expenses may apply for schools outside 50-mile radius of Temecula unless multiple schools are booked in a district.                 

Additional $150-$250 for a day residency (20 min. sessions with each grade level)



APPROPRIATE GRADE LEVELS: Pre-Kindergarten – 12th Grade

LENGTH OF PROGRAM: 45 - 60 minutes

CLASSROOM SESSIONS: 15-20 min unless Joel is presenting a residency workshop        951-30

4-0350      cell 951-490-2387






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Joel Reese

The Grub Steak, Park City, Ut

Dinner Music - from Roy Orbison, Tom Petty and Neil Diamond to Johnny Cash, Zach Brown and George Strait. The Grub Steak is an award-winning steak house with rustic lodge-like surroundings serving Park City since 1976!

Upcoming Shows

Previous events

Joel Reese

The Grub Steak, Park City, Ut

Dinner Music - from Roy Orbison, Tom Petty and Neil Diamond to Johnny Cash, Zach Brown and George Strait. The Grub Steak is an award-winning steak house with rustic lodge-like surroundings serving Park City since 1976!