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Making Our Life a Masterpiece

Making our life a meaningful work of art takes the belief that we were designed to create a masterpiece of our lives and share our unique gifts and talents with mankind. A belief that all people can love, learn, and rise above any circumstance; turning any mess, or mediocrity into a masterpiece.


Joel Reese, keynote artist inspires people to create and live their best life. From childhood living room concerts to the stage of the Grand Ole Opry – from children’s libraries to teacher’s conferences, corporate events and personal development workshops, Joel brings 35 years of inspiration to you and your team.


Joel currently resides in Murrieta, California with his wife and children, performs for events locally and across the country, and provides training and development for hospitality and sales teams in Temecula Valley Wine Country.


In a toe-tapping, heart-warming, fireside-type chat, Joel takes audiences on a journey with songs, stories and insights; inviting guests to see themselves as the paint brush on life’s canvas and create legacy in life’s gallery. Drawing from his own canvas, Joel delivers the ideas, insights and attitudes needed to create your masterpiece.


Joel’s Keynote Concert includes the following invitations to set your brush in motion:


  • Commit to excellence
  • Refine our way of being; brush strokes and color palate
  • Choose an optimistic lens on life 
  • Practice loving and giving with no intention of receiving anything back
  • Make time to create beautiful relationships
  • Express our lives in a way that truly moves people  
  • Make every moment count, one day and one brush stroke at a time
  • Pre-visualize what we desire to create
  • Master what matters
  • See our lives as a work of art in progress
  • Curate our creative minds for what we really want
  • Create a lasting, loving legacy in the service of others









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