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Joel Reese

Joel Reese, Country Troubadour, celebrates 30 years in show business with a "Songs & Stories" themed concert for 2013. 

With friendly crowd interaction for both children and adults, Joel presents some of the greatest songs in the history of recorded music as well as inspiring and sometimes humorous first-hand stories behind-the-songs, the writers and the artists that performed them.

Hear the advice comedian, Minny Pearl and songwriter, Jimmy Webb gave Joel as well as many quips, quotes and insights gathered over 30 years of performing coast to coast. 


Enjoy a few of Joel's original songs including his Western Swing song published by  George Strait's company, the ballad that caught the ear of Garth Brooks, and a few wine-themed songs written about his Murrieta/Temecula Wine Country home.


Joel Reese and George Strait 1985   Paying tribute to the King of Country Music,  Joel features his newest showpiece, "Strait from the Heart," a tribute to the music, the integrity and the enduring legacy of George Strait.

George celebrates 59 number one hit songs as of 2012, soon to be 60 in 2013. That's more number one hits than any other artist in the history of recorded music. 


Memorable melodies, true-to-life stories and often dance-able beats make Strait's music timeless. Joel met George on several occasions dating back to 1983 when George had

Joel Reese

only a few charted songs and his first two number one songs, "Fool Hearted Memory" and " A Fire I Can't Put Out." The later written by Darrell Staedtler, who taught Joel to play guitar and write songs beginning in 1980. Joel shares heart-warming insights about the country legend who changed the face of country music.  


Glen Campbell Studio sessionsJoel also includes a tribute to Glen Campbell, demonstrating the influence this music legend has had on Joel's guitar playing, song selections and showmanship with his top hits and a few instrumentals. Also featuring lesser known yet powerful songs like Glen's, "Unconditional Love" and "A Lady Like You," Joel celebrates the support of loved ones and the power of music for coping and healing during difficult times.

Glen and Ashley Campbell


Glen Campbell and his family made the decision to remain in the public eye during his bout with Alzheimers and have been utilizing the power of music to help keep him present and happy as long as possible. (Glen and daughter, Ashley playing in 2012 for the Goodbye Tour)



Joel Reese

From the time Joel was three years old all he ever wanted to do was pick, sing and put on a show. "It's been a memorable journey and it just keeps getting better," says Joel.

From the timeless classics of Hank Williams and Johnny Cash to James Taylor and John Denver, and George Benson to George Strait, Joel croons from the heart with a love for his audience and the music, setting toes tapping and hips swaying for a heart-warming, memorable good time!   Book this show!